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Routine - Natural Deodorant

Routine - Natural Deodorant

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Routine has an all-natural deodorant for every body. With ethics and efficacy at its core, Routine makes self-care and sustainability part of your everyday.

We also offer refills of your favourite Routine deodorant. Click here for the details!

Like a Boss
Our strongest formula yet! A clay and beeswax formula with notes of geranium, rosemary and mandarin. A unisex favourite.

Sexy Sadie
A vegan formula (no beeswax) that smells like ylang ylang, orange, cinnamon and talking on the phone after midnight.  Please note, this formula when in stick form is NOT vegan!

Sexy Sadie Baking Soda Free
A baking soda free, extra sensitive skin deodorant that smells like ylang ylang, orange, cinnamon and talking on the phone after midnight.

Blackberry Betty

A mighty yet gentle deodorant that smells like fresh blackberries, picnics and roller-bladeing with your walkman.

For the times you get really nervous and you want to stick your hands under your armpits but then you remember this routine has ACTIVATED CHARCOAL, MAGNESIUM & PREBIOTICS! Notes of vetiver, vanilla bourbon, cardamom, black pepper, tonka bean... and ziggy stardust.

The charcoal detoxifies, magnesium relaxes the pits to reduce stress sweats and prebiotics keep your skin healthy. There is a touch of baking soda for added deodorizing- just enough to keep most sensitive skinned people from getting irritation.  

The Curator
Baking soda free, extra sensitive skin formula that smells like cocoa, eucalyptus and ultra-savvy intuition. The Curator's baking soda free formula is designed not to irritate sensitive skin and is one of our top rated natural deodorants, recently winning CertClean's "best deodorant" award.

It is an amazing natural product, deodorizer and the star of Routine's original well-loved formulas. The thing is, baking soda is alkaline and for some people, at certain times, it can throw off their pH balance, in turn causing skin sensitivities. This is why, for our friends with sensitive skin, Routine has created four new deodorants in which baking soda is replaced with dietary magnesium (The Curator, Sexy Sadie, Blackberry Betty, Johnny's Cash) a mineral that if you're not getting enough of, can cause your sweat to smell worse! As it happens, topically, magnesium works like a charm and makes our new formula as effective as the original routine. Another benefit of magnesium: it aids in relaxing the armpits, which in turn, fends off those woeful stress sweats! You can use this routine on cuts, scrapes, and wherever else you need external calming or deodorizing? Amazing! Magnesium is a front-runner in the health and wellness world and Routine is excited to help you get your daily dose of positive!

Johnny's Cash (Vegan, beeswax free)
Free of beeswax, this formula is one of Routine's vegan options!  Top notes of cedar, pine and lumberjack, and bass notes of rock n' roll.  Woodsy and masculine with a clean finish.

Bonnie n' Clyde
The unscented option (with just a hint of cocoa butter from the unrefined cocoa butter)!  Smell like you, smell like me, smell how I'm supposed to be.  Reduced baking soda, and added magnesium.

All That Emotion
A celebration of emotion.  Routine has collaborated with Canadian musician Hannah Georgas in time for her brand new album, "All That Emotion".  This LUXURY scent work like a mood ring on your body and mixes with your chemistry.  Feel free to use this scent as a solid perfume; add a small amount to your wrists and nape of your neck for a fully sensory experience.  Essential oils of sandalwood, rose, Palo Santo, myrrh, patchouli, cocoa, vanilla, and nicotine free tobacco are all present and blended beautifully.

5ml sample/travel size, enough to try the product for 4-7 days in a row.
58ml, enough for 3-6 months with regular use. Shelf life is 12 months once opened.

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