Local Resources

At Jar Bar, our commitment to our customers, community and the planet is to not just consume, but conserve—recognizing that it is often wiser and more beneficial in the long run to repair and restore rather than discard.

Below, you'll find a curated list of resources featuring local and primarily small businesses equipped to meet your everyday needs with a focus on repair, restoration, and enduring quality. Let's make a conscious choice to support these businesses, as they help us maintain and enrich the distinctive character of our community. 

Where can I get my clothes mended?

Busy Bee Gold (4.1⭐️)
704 W 6th Ave

Paradise Fashion Studio (3.7⭐️)
3454 W Broadway St

Where can I get my shoes mended?

J&J Shoe Master Leathers (3.7⭐️)
2714 W 4th Ave

Jericho Shoe Repair (4.2⭐️)
2083 Alma St Suite 280

Varsity Shoe Repair (4.9⭐️)
4519 W 10th Ave

Do we have a local composting service?

City Farmer Compost Hotline (3.5⭐️)
2150 Maple St

Where can I get my watch repaired?

West Point Grey Time Co. (4.8⭐️)
4331 W 10th Ave

Arbutus Jewellers (4.8⭐️)
2589 W 16th Ave

Western Watch & Clock Repair (4.6⭐️)
2233 Burrard Street Suite 206

Where can I get my rug restored?

Best Rugs Gallery (5⭐️)
2574 W Broadway St

Where can I get my bike repaired?

Repair & Run (4.6⭐️)
1926 W 4th Ave Suite 101

Ride On Bike Shop (3.9⭐️)
2255 W Broadway St

More Bikes (3.7⭐️)
1856 W 4th Ave

Where can I get my electronics repaired?

CPR Cellphone Repair Vancouver - West Broadway (4.7⭐️)
1830 W Broadway St

Can Fix It (4.8⭐️)
1855 W 1st Ave

Computer U-Teach (5⭐️)
2295 W Broadway St Suite 104

Where can I get my jewelry repaired?

Arbutus Jewellers (4.8⭐️)
2589 W 16th Ave

Melanie Auld Jewelry Vancouver (4.1⭐️)
2077 W 4th Ave

Manhattan Jewellers (4.9⭐️)
1595 W Broadway St

What second-hand shops are nearby?

Rummage Community Thrift (4.6⭐️)
2560 Arbutus St

In Again Fashion (3.3⭐️)
1962 W 4th Ave

Happy 3 Consignment (3.3⭐️)
3629 W 4th Ave

Turnabout (4⭐️)
3112 W Broadway St

HOB Too Collectibles & Furniture Thrift Shop (4.6⭐️)
3626 W Broadway St

SPCA Thrift Store (4⭐️)
3606 W Broadway St

Basis Wear Fashion (5⭐️)
3626 W 4th Ave

Prestige Once Again Resale (4.5⭐️)
1874 W 1st Ave Suite 2

Where can I recycle old electronics?

PC Galore (4.4⭐️)
2744 W 4th Ave

London Drugs (if electronics were purchased at London Drugs) (4.7⭐️)
2230 W Broadway St

Where can I find out whether or not I can recycle specific items (websites)?

Recycle BC
221 Esplanade W Unit 405

Waste Wizard City of Vancouver
Online Only

Waste Management
Online Only


Anything we missed?

Please send us an email if you’d like us to include a local business that you believe is important to highlight and we will happily add it to the list!