Zero-Waste Products for Real Life

Soap refills, no-tox cleaning products, and more in the heart of Kitsilano!

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Sustainable living, made easy.

At Jar Bar Refillery, we strive to meet you wherever you are in your sustainability journey, and walk forward together.

  • Your Local Zero-Waste Refillery

    Here at Jar Bar Refillery, we offer pre-fills (into jars and bottles offered at the refill centre) and refills (into customer-provided containers) of home cleaning, laundry and self-care goods, as well as DIY ingredients so customers can make their own at home.

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  • Our Values

    Celebrate the revival of hand made and home grown,
    Extol the virtues of getting your hands dirty, 
    Pass on knowledge, recipes, techniques, tools and the pioneering spirit, 
    Extend the life of useful objects, and
    Protect the planet and all who who call it home.

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  • About Our Founder

    At the helm as proprietor is Tamara Nowakowsky Komuniecki, a Ukrainian-Canadian environmentalist who describes herself as "Independent, adventurous, impatient, Arthritic. Journalist, bon vivant and eager but imperfect homemaker."

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