About Us

Here at Jar Bar Refillery, we offer pre-fills (into jars and bottles offered at the refill centre) and refills (into customer-provided containers) of home cleaning, laundry and self-care goods, as well as DIY ingredients so customers can make their own at home. We also offer a wide range of zero waste goods to support healthy living for the individual, the family and the planet. We are proud to offer items that are locally made, supporting the artisans, entrepreneurs and makers from our community.


At the helm as proprietor is Tamara Nowakowsky Komuniecki, who describes herself as "Independent, adventurous, impatient, Arthritic. Journalist, bon vivant and eager but imperfect homemaker." Ukrainian-Canadian and raised on a farm in Alberta, she was an environmentalist and steward of the land almost since she could talk, and changed course after her undergrad – away from law school and down the path that would take her deeper into storytelling. As a broadcast, print and web journalist, she shared stories for over 20 years for outlets like CBC Radio and TV, CKUA Radio, the Globe and Mail, National Post, Better Homes and Gardens and City TV. During this time, Tamara also worked as a communications specialist, helping environmental non-profits like the David Suzuki Foundation and Climate Change Canada shape and share campaigns, and tell their stories.


We at DGS+JBR:

Celebrate the revival of hand made and home grown,
Extol the virtues of getting your hands dirty, 
Pass on knowledge, recipes, techniques, tools and the pioneering spirit, 
Extend the life of useful objects, and
Protect the planet and all who who call it home.