The Jar Bar Shopping for Shipping Guide!

The Jar Bar Shopping for Shipping Guide!

As the holiday season approaches, if you have loved ones on your gift list who won't be able to spend the holidays with you, it's high time to consider sending their presents through the mail. And guess what? We're here to help you do it without breaking the bank on shipping costs.

Our carefully curated selections are crafted to be easily packed flat, eliminating the need for pricey shipping expenses. Give practical and thoughtful gifts that won't burden your budget with excessive shipping costs.

Because Santa’s delivery service may be free, but Canada Post isn’t, so let’s send something lovely ASAP to save on that shipping.

(See 8 additional ideas in our Instagram post for inexpensive-to-ship gift ideas!)

1. An avocado sock to ensure avo toast year round!

2. Loop tea infuser - the most well-designed gift for a tea lover in your life.

3. Washi tape for the wee (or not) crafter.

4. A gorgeous ceramic grater to make grating roots like ginger and wasabi, as well as garlic and more, a (beautiful) breeze and enjoyable task.

5. Bar soap that will treat winter skin gently.

6. Rope trivets for that Scandinavian vibe in the kitchen and on the dining table.

7. Knit wash cloths like Grandma made - and a grandma DID make these!

8. Nothing confers BEST GIFT GIVER EVER status like sending CASH. Do so in as cute a way as possible with a lovely card inside a sweetly patterned holiday fabric bag!


Here are the deadlines for holiday shipping for your convenience!


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