Going, but not going AWAY

Going, but not going AWAY

This is not an easy post to write. After a few years of two steps forward and sometimes three back, as a small business owner, I am at a place where I never wanted to be. On June 20th, Jar Bar Dunbar will be closing.

I want to assure you, though, that while we are going, we are not exactly going AWAY.

Just a few days after we close Dunbar, we are opening a location in Kitsilano. We have had a lease on West 4th for over a year and we have been subletting to other folks. While it was always our intention for that to be our third spot, it will now become our second, but still a fairly close and accessible location for Dunbar and area customers to come and refill your soap at.

What can we bring you?
We greatly value our customers and we would like to continue to support you in your efforts to reduce plastic waste in your homes, and so we are happy to offer weekly delivery into the Southlands/Kerrisdale/Dunbar/UBC area.

As we wind down business at Dunbar, our hours will stay the same (Tuesday-Sunday 10am-5pm), and we will try to keep stocked up on inventory. We are running low on a few things and while we don’t want to restock heavily and have to move it all, we do want to commit to continuing to support you in your sustainability journey. We are not running a “going out of sale business” as we need all of the sales and all of the support we can get, but it sure would be appreciated if you can stop in an fill up before we head out.

Gift cards from Dunbar will be accepted at Kits, without question. We will be starting a gift card sale to help you save $$ in the new store while we fundraise for the Kits location in the next few days, so look for that.

Please stay tuned for more details about our Dunbar closure, Kits opening, delivery program, who will be taking over our spot at 4335 Dunbar and more, to come in the following days and weeks.

Dunbar, thank you. The folks who made it in have always been grateful to have us here and committed to doing their part to help reduce plastic consumption. We hope to see you in Kits!
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