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Jar Bar Refillery Dunbar

Jar Bar Refillery - Refill Bulk Dried Flowers / 10g

Jar Bar Refillery - Refill Bulk Dried Flowers / 10g

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Bulk flowers for DIY projects! Prices are per 10g:

Perfect for bath soaks, bar soaps and homemade sachets!  Use these flowers with a few drops of corresponding essential oil to maximize potency

Lavender: 100% self explanatory with this one; an excellent use for scented bath salts, bath bombs, soaps, sachets and potpourri mixes. Make your own lavender infused oil by steeping the leaves in a carrier oil in a dark glass bottle for a few weeks.

Jasmine: similar to lavender; excellent for bath and body products and has a slightly sweet smell in dried form but reconstitutes to be a bit more floral when added to mixes.  

Elder: excellent for bath products and potpourri as well as lavender and jasmine.  Makes a lovely infused oil as well!

Hops: these flowers are a bit different; primarily used in beer for flavouring, the hops plant also provides soothing benefits to your skin when used topically.  The best application of hops flowers is on irritated/dry skin is by making an infused oil (as explained above) as well as steeping a handful hops in water (about 3-4 cups or enough to fill a large measuring cup) for 15 minutes before adding to your bath water!  These flowers have the tendency to smell funky to some people and are, like beer, an acquired aroma so feel free to mix with essential oils as long as said oils are properly diluted and are safe for skin!

Note: these flowers are not food grade // do not consume // for external use only
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