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Jar Bar™ Refillery - Apothecary Carrier Oil Refills/10g

Jar Bar™ Refillery - Apothecary Carrier Oil Refills/10g

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Carrier Oils (please note: prices are per 10g)

Apothecary Oils are used in bath and body products as a carrier for perfumes, essential oils, and other ingredients.  They help emulsify and dilute your scented products without compromising on the final product's scent and quality. These oils are not food grade and are for external use only.  Each oil we carry has its own special benefits:

Fractionated Coconut Oil: 100% coconut based oil that stays in liquid form as room temperature.  It is resistant to oxidation which is important to note when bottling (most oils require dark glass for storage to prevent spoiling whereas fractionated coconut oil will last in clear bottles longer).  This is a refined coconut oil which, although organic, is bleached and deodorized to remove contaminants as well as it's scent, making it no longer all-natural.  This oil is full of fatty acids and polyphenols which make it a fabulous moisturizing oil.

Jojoba Oil:  This product, extracted from jojoba seeds, is more of a liquid wax than an oil substance which gives it an extremely long shelf life.  This makes jojoba oil a great contender for mixing essential oils and perfumery.  Jojoba oil does a remarkable job of mimicking our skin's natural sebum by penetrating skin and hair quickly and with ease.  When used on an oily face or scalp, can trick your epidermis into thinking it has produced enough oils and can reduce oiliness on your face and in your hair...who doesn't love reverse psychology?  We have two options for jojoba oils and the differences are as follows:

  • Golden Jojoba:  Has a pleasant, slightly nutty aroma.  Is not recommended for perfumery/mixing essential oils.  Caution: WILL stain.
  • Clear Jojoba:  Unscented; is a better carrier oil for essential oils and perfumes.
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