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Earth Love - Facial Steamers

Earth Love - Facial Steamers

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Ditch the vapo-rub and hot water facial steams; we have specifically curated steamers meant for specific results for certain skin types that will benefit your face as well as your lungs.

Each facial steamer is made with baking soda and citric acid, and is bound together by essential oils and added botanicals. Each one provides a spa experience right from the comfort of your own home.


Add tablet to 4 cups of steaming water in heat safe bowl. Hover face 10” above bowl and immediately drape towel over your head to trap in steam. Enjoy for 5-10mins.
Warning: Do not use if you have sunburn or broken skin.

Let's Hydrate: 
soothes dry + irritated skin // chamomile and tea tree essential oil

Let it Glow:
promotes healthy, glowing skin // matcha powder + rosemary essential oil

The Puffy Slayer:
reduces swelling and promotes lymphatic circulation and drainage // back tea + eucalyptus essential oil

Crystal Clear:
for oily + acne prone skin // basil leaves + tea tree and basil essential oils

Eternal Stunner:
to calm + hydrate mature/ageing skin // chamomile and rosemary + frankincense and rosemary essential oils

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