The CEO Cleans the Toilet

The CEO Cleans the Toilet

This is Tamara - I am the owner of Delish General Store + Jar Bar Refillery. Over the past few days, I have been delivering flyers - pounding the pavement in my community to share information about my business with those who may not know of us, or may not know that we are going through tough times.

I have come across some folks who already know about us and shop here, and I will admit I recognize the expression of surprise on a few faces. It’s an expression that says (and one person even verbalized this): “What are YOU doing delivering flyers?”

I will admit, I may be taken aback by that reaction, or a tone that accompanies the words. I can say that I am just out getting my steps in, or that it’s nice to be out in the fresh air freezing my tail off but loving every minute of it - but the entire truth of the matter is more complex. It costs money to have flyers delivered - sure, Canada Post has a service where the mail carriers will deliver them for us but have you seen their rates? Can’t do it. I can (and do) hire students to deliver them, but I want to cover a LOT of territory with these deliveries, so if I have a few hours in any given day, I may as well get out there myself.

There’s another crucial point, though. The CEO needs to work every position. I clean the toilet, I wash the floor, I sell the products, I deliver the flyers. It has never been important to show up honestly, unabashedly, and with true vulnerability to say hey folks, if you want to see us stay in your neighborhood, you need to come out and support.

Even if that means putting in 5km a day delivering flyers door to door in a pocket of “free” time (aka between appointments and before school pick up, etc.). Even if that means being given the once-over from people who think I “should have people for that”. I AM the people for that. Who is going to save my business? I am.

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