Reduce REUSE Recycle

Reduce REUSE Recycle

Do you know what we love? Reusing things that might normally be heading to recycling*.

We one day envision being able to make new products out of the empty pails we end up stacking in the back room, but that requires more research and funds we don’t have at the moment to invest in machines.

We envision taking pails, chipping them down and extruding the plastic. Surely that can be done? Anyway, that’s on the “one day” list (but if you’re someone who is in the know as to how to make that happen - do feel free to get in touch via our contact info on this site!)

A customer recently had a fantastic idea - what about the art departments of local television and film production companies? They mix all manner of paint, concrete and more for sets. So we threw together a database, sent out about 25 emails and now have a regular pipeline to productions where these pails can enjoy a second life (in Hollywood North, no less)! (Maybe that’ll get us a set visit when Ryan Reynolds is in town filming?! A girl can dream.)

Moving these out clears up our space, helps these perfectly good pails and buckets have further purpose, and keeps stuff out of the landfill. It’s getting closer to the utopia that is the true closed loop of production and consumption.

Would you like a pail, bucket or carboy (20L or 4L) for rainwater catchment, gardening or another project or use? Come on down - we are happy to share. (Now THAT’S romantic.) 

*The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) reports that only 9% of worldwide plastic is recycled, while 22% is mismanaged.

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