Does Buying in Bulk Save Money?

Does Buying in Bulk Save Money?

“Will this be cheaper to fill than buying a new one?” - we get asked this question all the time. And - our response (and the entire thesis behind this business) is a resounding YES: It should cost less to refill than buying a brand new bottle, or we aren’t doing it right and this business doesn’t make sense.

Case in point: Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. Yesterday at Whole Foods I spotted their pricing for a 473 mL bottle: regular price $16.99, sale price $13.99. Want to know what we charge for a refill of that same bottle? $12.25! Including tax it only comes out to $13.72.

We've done a deeper dive as well, and can find pricing that ranges from $12.79 at to $14.99 at London Drugs, to $19.29 on - so we are confident in our pricing.

Price comparisons are one of the steps we undertake every time we onboard a new brand, and also every time we get a new delivery. (Everything seems to be going up in price, so for us it means calculating our pricing and comparing that to what others are charging.)

Just like we as a business are focussed on our survival and our future by minimizing expenditures, so are you! By supporting our business, you’re saving money. It’s plain and simple, the best choice.

Help us/help you. That’s it, that’s the post.

(P.S. we didn’t even talk about the plastic waste prevention/savings, but we will soon!)


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